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Whitewater rafting is sure to provide excitement for the entire family, from the experienced white water rafter to the novice. The scenery is breathtaking and rafting is an activity you won't forget! We have rafting trips for every experience level and can accommodate white water rafters from ages 2 to 92. Vail's unique location provides us access to three great white river rafting areas: the Colorado, Eagle, and Arkansas Rivers. If you're a white water rafter looking for some serious, surging adventure or a white water rafter looking for a relaxed day on the river while soaking in some sun and beautiful canyon scenery, we've got the right rafting trip for you.

The Water

Life is short - Paddle hard!

Lower Eagle River

Class II-III (May-July)

This whitewater rafting trip offers moderate level rapids with wonderful scenery. Only 20 minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek, this is a great family rafting trip that requires no previous rafting experience. As you set sail, the excitement begins almost instantly as you’re greeted by a class III rapid, and two other class III rapids along the way will keep you on your toes. Over 10 miles long, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy some great scenery along the way!

Upper Colorado River

Class I-II Full Season (May-October)

A rafting float trip with light rapids on a beautiful & isolated section of the Colorado River. Rafting this section of the Colorado is suitable for the entire family and both trips include a snack.  Known as the “Upper C” by locals, this mellow stretch of the Colorado River will allow you to relax and soak it all in on an 8 or 10 person raft, you might even be able to take a dip along the way.  Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and remnants of old mining claims in the area.

Shoshone Rapids – Colorado River

Class II-III (July-October)

A winding stretch of the Colorado River, Shoshone Rapids are one of the most scenic canyon rafting trips offered in Colorado.  Carving their way through Glenwood Canyon, Shoshone (shoh-shoh-nee) Rapids offers a great blend of excitement and relaxation for the whole family.  Get ready to paddle, because Shoshone offers some great class III whitewater rapids right off the bat.  Mellow out with some class II white water rapids and enjoy the beautiful canyon walls on both sides of the river.  With our morning trip, enjoy a riverside lunch along the way.  Children 7 and under can skip the initial rapids portion and rendezvous with the group halfway down.

Brown’s Canyon Arkansas River

Class II-III (Late June-August 15)

This is arguably the most popular whitewater rafting trip in Colorado. Brown’s Canyon offers adventurous rafting for all experience levels with beautiful mountain views and magnificent canyon scenery! If you’re looking for a great blend of adventure and scenery, you’ll enjoy more than 15 fantastic rapids and views of some beautiful 14,000 foot peaks surrounding the area.

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